ALD: Which ALD System is Right for You?

  Savannah ALD System
Fiji ALD System
Phoenix ALD System
Primary application R&D, small production R&D Mid scale production High volume manufacturing
Thermal Deposition Standard Standard Standard Standard
Plasma Enhanced Deposition Optional Standard n/a n/a
Small Batch Thermal Deposition Optional n/a Standard Standard
Large Batch Thermal Deposition n/a n/a Standard Standard
Cluster integration n/a Optional n/a Standard
Automation n/a Semi-auto  optional Semi-auto optional Fully advanced automation
SEMI S2 Optional n/a Optional Standard

Common features across systems

Whether your needs are low cost starter thermal tools, plasma enhanced systems with many integrated options and features, or a production system used 24x7, the common features are; simple user interface, quality built CE compliant platforms, Class 100 clean room compliant and all with a roadmap to meet the future ALD needs of tomorrow. We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of ALD research. Our scientists and support personnel are all seasoned veterans of ALD.