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About Ultratech/CNT

Founded in 2003, as Cambridge Nanotech, Ultratech/CNT grew directly out one of the foremost atomic layer deposition (ALD) research groups in the world: the Gordon Lab at Harvard University.

With hundreds of systems shipped for research and development, Ultratech/CNT has become the leading ALD supplier to academic and industrial institutions worldwide. Our products have been used to produce over 1000 peer-reviewed academic papers.

Our production systems are used globally for a number of different applications bringing ALD to a commercially viable solution for many customers.

Ultratech, Inc. (NASDAQ:UTEK), founded in 1979, is a leader in all of its major technology markets—advanced packaging and laser processing as well as in-line, 3D topography inspection systems. The company’s advanced packaging lithography systems deliver compelling yield gains and superior packaging performance at the industry’s lowest overall cost of ownership. Ultratech’s laser processing is an equally impressive technology which increases device yield, improves transistor performance and helps enable the production of the most advanced consumer electronic devices, and its high speed inspection systems are providing the industry's highest-productivity and lowest-cost solution for high-volume manufacturing. These state-of-the- art technologies are considered by today’s leading chipmakers to be the gateway to future device generations.