ALD Systems

Veeco/CNT offers a full suite of ALD systems for research and production applications. The affordable and reliable Savannah is a research workhorse. Fiji offers advanced experimentation capabilities such as plasma-enhanced ALD. Phoenix systems offer production ALD capacity.

Savannah ALD System
Fiji ALD System
Phoenix ALD System
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Driving ALD Research

Veeco/CNT is the leading ALD supplier to academic and industrial institutions worldwide, with hundreds of systems shipped for research and development. Our Savannah ALD system has been used to produce more than a thousand of peer-reviewed academic papers.

What our customers are saying

At Veeco/CNT our customers’ feedback is important to us. The following quotes are typical of some of the responses we get from the tool owners in response to our direct support line at [ALDsupport AT ultratech DOT com].

ALD Expertise

Product and Process Support

At Veeco/CNT, we do not just build coating equipment; we're also ALD researchers, users and proponents. Our skilled team of ALD scientists is here to work with you to solve your thin film challenges.